Introducing the Patchwork Meadow Project

Welcome to Regenerates’s exciting new campaign – the Patchwork Meadow Project. As an integral part of our overarching mission to revitalise ecosystems within our community, we are thrilled to introduce this innovative initiative designed to engage and empower schools in Kinsale and its neighbouring regions.

From Schools to the Community

Following the successful preparation of meadows at several primary schools in Kinsale and its surroundings last year with Transition Town Kinsale, it’s time to extend the scope of our project from schools to the wider community. The core idea is to involve all school children in our mission, urging them to actively participate.

What’s Involved?

Children will transform their own garden spaces, whether it’s a 1m x 1m patch, a larger area, or even a windowbox or pot. This transformation will take place from October to November by covering the allocated spot. The grass-covered space should remain undisturbed until the arrival of spring.

Come March, it’s time to unveil the soil, clear any remaining grass or plants, rake the earth, and sow the seeds of local Irish wildflowers, generously provided by Transition Town Kinsale. Should the weather turn particularly dry, a bit of watering may be needed.

As the weeks go by, the magic of nature unfolds. The seeds will germinate, and in due course, vibrant wildflowers will bloom. The children are invited to capture the beauty of their meadows through photographs and bring these images to school.

Creating a Collective Masterpiece

Under the guidance of their teachers, all students will collaborate to craft an expansive poster that combines the images of their individual meadows. This poster may also include the locations of these blossoming habitats.

Community Showcase

Before the school year’s end, Transition Town Kinsale will gather all the posters created by the enthusiastic young participants. These masterpieces will be prominently displayed in the Kinsale Library, turning this endeavor into a vibrant and captivating community showcase.

Join us in this exciting journey of biodiversity and community involvement, as we stitch together the Patchwork Meadow Project, one meadow at a time.

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