Join Us in Rewriting the Story of Our Planet Through Regeneration

Welcome to Regenerate, where we believe that small acts of care can drive profound change.

Our mission is simple: harness the collective power of people, businesses, local authorities, communities, and governments to restore and rewild our precious lands. Together, we’re rewriting the future, not just restoring landscapes.

Ireland’s biodiversity has suffered for centuries, and now is the time to protect and restore what’s left. We need your help! Join us and spread the word to inspire others. Together, we can regenerate our ecosystem.

We are a social enterprise, driven by a mission to create positive social and environmental impact. As a social enterprise, our business activities are purpose-driven, with profits reinvested to further our commitment to community well-being and sustainability.

What we do

Permaculture Design

Forest Gardens

Wetland Restoration

Ecological Consulting

Land Rehabilitation

Environmental Education

Wildlife Habitat Restoration

Reforestation Projects

Who we work with

As stewards of our beautiful planet, we understand that the challenges we face are immense, but so are the opportunities. Land restoration is not just a solution; it’s the key to climate action, biodiversity preservation, and a sustainable future for all.


Every donor is a hero. Your monthly support fuels our projects, nurturing our planet and our shared vision.


Communities are at the heart of our movement. Your dedication and passion for revitalising green spaces inspire us all.


Our partners redefine success by investing in land regeneration, creating a world where business and sustainability thrive.


With your support, we’re shaping a future where regeneration is a cornerstone of policy and stewardship.

We Reimagine and Regenerate

Our latest project:

The Patchwork Meadow

After preparing a series of meadows in most of the Primary Schools of Kinsale and surrounding areas last year, it’s time now to expand the project: from the schools to the community!

Our Own Commitment

We’re not just advocates; we’re participants. We buy land to regenerate, showcasing our unwavering dedication to this cause and providing a model for others to follow.

Our Vision

A fully bio-diverse thriving ecosystem with the return of local communities who can interact with the land and the production of healthy nutrient dense local food.

Land in Trust

Our land will be held in Trust so you can be confident your money goes to ecosystem restoration and stays there.

Our Projects

Our Focus

Join the Movement

Explore our website to discover the exciting ways you can get involved, from our membership program to our comprehensive services. Together, we’ll make history as we heal the land, restore ecosystems, and ensure a thriving planet for generations to come.