About Us

Our Aims

  • To buy land to regenerate our ecosystem or invest in specific projects to enhance wildlife in Ireland.
  • Rewilding the majority of the land to provide habitat for wildlife.
  • Applying regenerative agriculture techniques for ethical and ecological food production on small areas within the land.
  • To plant native trees, create native wildflower meadows, provide wetland habitats and to create other relevant niches for wildlife on a site-by-site basis.
  • Work with ecologists to measure & record evidence of increases in wildlife on the sites we acquire or invest in.

People involved

We are a group of concerned citizens who wish to help protect wildlife through the purchase of land and then manage it to enhance wildlife through the introduction of missing native species or leaving areas unmanaged or by employing specific management practices to allow wildlife to flourish.

Donal Chambers

Director & Manager

Assistant Principal of Cork College of Further Education – Kinsale Campus & Coordinator of the Permaculture and Sustainable Horticulture Course in Kinsale Campus. Donal has a Degree and Masters in environmental science and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education and has been involved in conservation work and food production for 25 years.

Currently Chair of the Transition Town Kinsale sustainability initiative overseeing and contributing to a wide range of projects including Kinsale Community Energy Project, biodiversity initiatives, zero waste promotion, local food initiatives and sustainable transport. Has organised multiple conferences on food production and agroforestry in Kinsale since 2016.

Donal has a particular interest in getting people involved in practical hands-on projects in their community and works to inspire people through reconnecting them with nature, growing their own food and generating their own energy also.


Raffaella Valenti

Director & Communications Officer

Raffaella is an Italian living in Ireland since 2012. She has a degree in Chemistry, and she worked as a freelance professional consultant in Italy in Health and Safety and Hygiene of foods helping her clients to follow the National and European Regulations.

She has an interest in the environment since she was young. She is becoming more passionate about the Environment, Biodiversity, renewable energy, growing food, reducing waste and, having three children she would like to be more active and see changes in her community and the wider society in how we can make a difference for the future.

She is an active member of Transition Town Kinsale (an organisation which promotes sustainable living) where she is secretary.

Jo Goodyear

Consultant Ecologist

Jo is a botanist, ecologist, herbalist and forager based in Cork city. Fascinated with plants and wildlife from a young age, Jo would supplement her lunches on botanical surveys by foraging edible plants.

Following a BSc (hons) in Environmental Life Science and a MSc in Environmental Management, she developed a 25 year career in botanical survey and research in the UK and Ireland. Work as a botanist became paired with herbal training and she has practiced as a herbalist from Blackrock Herbal Clinic since 2013. She teaches widely, at UCC, Kinsale College Permaculture course, herb colleges and also presents a varied workshop programme from her clinic. Still a passionate environmentalist, she is the ecological adviser for Cork Nature Network.


Paul McCormick & Jacinta French

Rewilding Consultants

Paul and Jacinta run a 30-acre mixed farm near Skibbereen County Cork. There is about 16 acres of grassland and 14 acres of mixed woodland on the farm.

Paul and Jacinta take deep consideration for biodiversity and wildlife with every decision they make on the land. There are ponds on the land and a river also flows through the farm.

Other valuable habitats include the permanent pasture, woodland, a riparian zone along the riverfront and areas of rewilded land. They are delighted to witness the return of bird species like the treecreeper, the redpoll, the goldcrest and buzzards to the farm. They are both very knowledgeable and always thinking of ways to improve biodiversity on their farm for example cutting into healthy trees to create habitat for fungi and insects and create light for wildflowers to grow.

Klaus Harvey

Community Activist

Klaus Harvey is a teacher, community facilitator, gardener, musician and songwriter. He graduated from DCU with an MA in Communication and Cultural Studies in 1997, did an Open University course ‘Working with our Environment, Technology for a Sustainable Future’ in 2006 and completed the two-year Permaculture/Practical Sustainability course from Kinsale College of Further Education in 2008.

He has a broad range of professional, creative and voluntary interests and activities. Professionally he has over 30 years teaching experience and is currently a teacher of Communications and Work Experience at Cork College of FET, Kinsale Campus, and is Sustainability Chaplain in Kinsale Community School where his Transition Year students designed and planted an orchard which won the SSE Airtricity/Microsoft Sustainability Project 2022.

He has been a member of Transition Town Kinsale since 2006, involved in community activism for sustainability, is on the music team of the Kinsale Arts Weekend committee and the fifth edition of his college textbook ‘Effective Communication’ published by Ború Press in 2022.

Eidin Griffin

Creative and Community Activist

Éidín is a writer, maker and native seed saver based in Kinsale. As a creative practitioner her aim is to cultivate tangible links between natural systems and the human understanding and responses to them. This includes creating artwork from natural resources and waste products, plantable seeded paper and participatory community events.

With permaculture experience spanning 25 years of facilitating, training and implementation in communities and schools in Southern Africa she returned to
Ireland and completed a Level 6 in Sustainable Horticulture at Kinsale College in 2019. Currently studying Creativity & Change at MTU she collaborates with Transition Town Kinsale and Edible Kinsale on a regular basis. Recognising the immensity of the current ecological disaster, climate crisis and cultural diaspora she retains a sense of wonder and humour and shares this with others navigating this world of rapid change.


Lisa Harrison

Creative Campaigner for climate action

Working with organisations tackling climate change to create positive and impactful creative campaigns. She has worked in branding for over a decade as a graphic designer, creative director and strategist. She has a degree in Visual Communications and studied Permaculture and Sustainable Horticulture level 5&6 in Kinsale Campus.

In 2021 she decided to focus her work on climate action, this has led her on a path discovering the depths of the problem and the simple and effective solutions that we already have available. She aims to work with these solutions in creative and engaging ways that bring people together.


John Dolan

Wetland & Landscaper Consultant

John is a permaculture designer with 25 years’ experience, who specialises in water management / food forestry on farm scale and continuous cover forestry diversification projects. After following a conventional career path for several years he became disillusioned with the direction his life was taking and started seeking a career and lifestyle that was more aligned with his environmental views.

He heard about permaculture and completed his Permaculture Design Course 26 years ago. He sold his city home and bought some land in West Cork. Since then, he has made his living specialising in water management / pond construction / rewilding on farm scale projects throughout Ireland. He brings a wealth of practical skills and experience to whatever projects he works on.

John Dolan, Permaculture Consultant YouTube Video

William Walsh

Ethical land management

My name is William Walsh and I am running Billy’s Rent a Goat. Growing up in the countryside and seeing its change over the years, I knew something had to give. Like the overuse of chemicals and the loss of wild habitat, this is why we need a way to a better life and a better environment.

At Billy’s Rent a Goat we provide an ethical land management service with a variety of methods including goats, native species rehabilitation and educational social support . Goats are a superior choice in hard to reach or environmentally protected areas especially those with prevalent invasive or problem plant overgrowth. Goats will, over time restore the landscape to a healthy native ecological balance.


The structure of Regenerate Our Ecosystem

Aim – We are set up as a Social Enterprise for the common good and wish to receive donations of any amount from the general public to build a grassroots movement to purchase land and to rewild it with small amounts of ethical food production also included.

What is a social enterprise?

“Social enterprises are the most passionate and dedicated enterprises in Ireland, applying innovative and impactful solutions to Irelands most hard-hitting social challenges. This is a dynamic, ethical and sustainable way of doing business”
Reference – www.socialenterprise.ie

The Challenge

The social challenge in this case the breakdown of our ecosystem due to widespread biodiversity loss and climate change which is already impacting our lives in many negative ways due to flooding, droughts, heatwaves, storms and widespread pollution. We want to address biodiversity loss in particular through our rewilding initiative.

Member donations

  • The money that is collected through our payment gateway Stripe, goes directly to purchasing land or investing in existing partner sites that collaborate with us for rewilding.
  • Once we have purchased land, we will need to purchase trees, seed and other items to implement the most environmentally friendly ways of rewilding that piece of land.
  • One example of this would be creating wetlands such as ponds and hiring the machinery needed to achieve this.
  • The other main use of the donations will be for the legal fees to ensure the legal structure is all above board.
  • The services you are buying and supporting are ecosystem services such as biodiversity regeneration, soil protection, flood prevention, pollination, and carbon sequestration.

The Land – In Trust

Once purchased the land will be held in Trust with a series of trustees so that we can ensure the land remains in its wild state for the benefit of wildlife and society and will not be sold on for other developments.


Regenerate Our Ecosystem will have a Board which is a legal body with responsibility for overseeing its governance. The Board will include members

Donal Chambers – Director & Manager.

Raffaella Valenti – Director & Communications officer.